14 Jul 2021

The wonderful Oxley Highway

 Regular readers of The Rolling Road may have noticed that I have changed the header photo to a shot of one of Australia's great driving roads -the Oxley Highway- in northern New South Wales. This photo was taken in August 2016 when friend Craig and I went in our early 911s on the first of what would be annual Porsche 'MatesGruppe' road trips.

We have not yet done the 2021 road trip as our plans have been setback by the Sydney covid -19 lockdown. I missed the 2017 road trip when my heart required a major service.

Sadly when/if we eventually do make the road trip this year we will not be driving the wonderful Oxley Highway as it is closed awaiting repairs after 70 landslips, 10 of them major, occured during the torrential rain back in March. They are working hard to reopen the road but much remains to be done

Driving the Oxley Highway between Walcha and Wauchope is definitely the highlight of the road trip-wide open and fast sweeping bends south of Walcha in New England and then the really challenging downhill mountainous section-lmost a mini Nurburgring but with two way traffic and continuous bends many of them blind.Vintage Porsche driving heaven.

Photos below -wide sweeping upper section taken from a track leading to Waterloo Station. My 911 is 56600H.


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