29 Nov 2018

Big sea day

After the superstorm of the past 24 hours the sea was big this morning and the surfers were out in force. At Terrigal at dawn there were already surfers right out on the break by the Haven.
The photos were taken at Avoca Beach mid morning. The headland at Avoca Beach offers a great spot for surfer watching and surf photography as the waves break alongside the headland so you can photograph the action without having to get wet.
I broke with my usual practice today and did not use a Leica for these photos. I used a Fujifilm X-E2 fitted with an el cheapo Fuji 50-230mm lens. I acquired the whole kit for a very modest sum for action photography such as this. I am pleased with the results. I am not going to make the front cover of Tracks-the top surfing mag-with it but it's fine for media such as this.

28 Nov 2018

A beautiful morning.

Not this morning... Taken back in December last year on a beautiful morning. Today is a shocker. Very heavy rain and strong winds. We need the rain but not like this.

26 Nov 2018

Watching and waiting

Watching and waiting in Karlsplatz, Munich, Germany, warm afternoon in September 2018.

Watching and waiting in Marienplatz, Munich, same warm September afternoon.

18 Nov 2018

Fairy floss and haircuts

Seen at the Chromefest Hot Rod/Rock and Roll festival at The Entrance,Central Coast, NSW two weeks ago. Seeing the very colourful Fairy Floss cart with no customers I asked the girl if I could take her photo and she enthusiastically adopted this friendly pose. Thanks.

The barber and his customer were in a stall at Chromefest. Again I asked if I could take the photo and whilst the customer smiled the tattooed barber adopted a rather still pose so I decided to focus on the customer and to make the barber slightly out of focus. I don't often do black and white nowadays but I think that it suits this image.

11 Nov 2018

Cat in a box

What is it about some cats and boxes? Zoe is 18 years old yet she still cannot resist a cardboard box. She has been going into this winebox for over a week since it arrived. Usually the novelty has worn off after a few days but not this time. Her soulmate, Phoebe, also 18  is not at all interested in cardboard boxes.
Poor little Zoe has diabetes and is sickening slowly . She is too old to intervene medically so we are enjoying her company whilst we can. She has been a wonderful cat and has done so well to live to her ripe old age.

1 Nov 2018

Blue sea, blue sky morning.

Early morning on Blueys Beach, Mid Coast, NSW, Australia. Taken on my early morning walk last Wednesday morning. It was a stunning morning. It was already quite warm .There were just a couple people exercising their dogs and this solitary beach fisherman and me.
I wanted a photo which conveyed the wonderful scene with the big sky and turquiose sea breaking on the rocks. At the time I was wishing that I had a wider angle lens as I had just my Leica X1 with its 35mm( equiv) lens but now I feel that it has worked out fine.