9 May 2019


A photo taken 7 years ago near Binalong Bay, north of St Helens on the east coast of Tasmania. This was taken as a colour photo with my Leica X1 but earlier this week I decided to convert it into black and white and to submit it to the Leica Fotografie online Gallery. It has been accepted as one of their Coastline shots.
Converting it into black and white in Silver Efex Pro4 software  changes the mood of the photo. The colour original below shows a calm scene on a rather flat summer's day. The black and white version is more atmospheric with clouds which have a hint of being threatening. Having said that I much prefer the original colour version. To me the black and white is somewhat contrived-it is a scene I did not see.

7 May 2019


In the last four weeks we have had some really spectacular sunrises along the east coast of Australia due to a combination of the time of year and high levels of dust in the atmosphere. With the big dry continuing inland there is a lot of dust being picked up by the prevailing wind and taken east. Recently I have not been as diligent as I used to be in carrying a camera on my early morning walk so I have missed photographing the most spectacular displays but today I picked up the X1 and headed down into Terrigal as quickly as I could walk as the sun rose. The big problem with these sunrises is that they don't linger. In ten minutes they have faded away.
Today's sunrise was not as spectacular as many recently but it was still worth a quick photo.
Photo -sunrise over Terrigal Haven at 6.06am today. Leica X1 1/8th sec at f2.8. Camera resting on a fence.

3 May 2019

Far from the Madding Crowd

Cellito Beach,Barrington Coast,NSW this week. Pristine, squeeky, near white sand. Beautiful, clean blue water and not a soul in sight.

2 May 2019

A beach mystey

Taking a walk on a nearly deserted Blueys Beach on Barrington Coast NSW early this morning I came across this pair of good sandshoes on the sand. There was no sign of their possible owner. What were they doing there? Had the owner gone for a swim and drowned? Or taken them off whilst walking on the beach and had forgottem that they had left them there? I will never know.

20 Apr 2019

Terrigal Ocean Swims

It was the Terrigal Ocean Swims today . The weather was glorious and the sea was calm-ideal conditions-and there was big entry for all classes. First it was the1kilometre swim at 9.30am followed by the 2 kilometre swim at 10.00am. Many competitors swam both and the first placed female in the 1 kilometre swim also won the 2km swim and the first placed male in the 1km swim was second in the 2km swim. Both were young swimmers.

18 Apr 2019

Looking back.

A dive into the photo library today turned up three photos from a great trip to California in May 2016 which I think deserve to see the light of day on the blog.
Firstly -Dump Trump- an optimistic demonstrator on Venice Beach and the nightmare had barely started then. I wonder how he feels today.
Secondly below a fortune teller on Santa Monica pier at dusk and finally bottom photo a man fishing on the pier at Port Hueneme, north of Ventura, California.
 Port Hueneme is a rather dull town with a naval base and a car transporter ship handling facility where we stopped overnight on our way south to Los Angeles from San Francisco. I went for a walk onto the jetty and this man was passing time fishing and he let me take his photo. I had not looked carefully at the photo until today and I was surprised to see how interesting it is and how good the light was.

12 Apr 2019

Goodbye summer

It's been a long and very hot summer and temperature records have been set all over the country including here on the Central Coast of New South Wales. But now it really does look as if summer took its final bow last week. The clocks have come off summer time and the days have an autumnal feel.
Photo taken at North Avoca.

10 Apr 2019

Definitely no regrets

Definitely not a British beach. A typical summer's day at Terrigal Beach
It's 42 years to the day since my wife and I arrived in Australia with our two small children having emigrated from the UK which at that time was in the grip of very nasty industrial strife on a multitude of fronts. We've never had a single regret about our life changing decision and the more we hear about the monumental stuff-up that is Brexit the more we count our blessings that we are here and not in the UK.
By coincidence it will also be exactly 42 years to the day on Friday since my 2.7 Porsche was first registered here in Australia. I am taking it out for a long run tomorrow with some other Porsche owners to celebrate.

Praying mantis

 I spotted this praying mantis walking along the balustrade beside the pool last Monday. As soon as it saw me it started to pray. Presumably praying that I would not swat it. Its prayers were answered.
Photo taken with the Leica Q in the macro setting.

7 Apr 2019

More cat cam

 By coincidence after using my X Vario at cat level to photograph Zoe -see below-last week this weekend my three grandaughters adopted two young cats from the RSPCA. These were their first pets and they were so excited. I arrived at my granddaughter's house just a few minutes after the cats and they were just being let out into their new surroundings. I had taken my cat camera-the X Vario- in anticipation of recording the new arrivals. The male cat was being big and bold and was relatively easy to photograph but his very timid sister was holding back.

1 Apr 2019

Wonder cat.

Zoe, the wonder cat, photographed yesterday. Zoe is 18 years old making her the equivalent of 88 in human terms according to the Purina cat age calculator on the internet. She may look like a kitten but she's great grandmother age.  She lost an eye 6 years ago and now she has diabetes but she’s still going strong. Because of the diabetes she eats loads of food and drinks loads of water. She is too old to put on insulin. She is a real trooper. As one of my granddaughters said yesterday "Awwww she's adorable!"
Photo taken with my Leica X Vario-a camera very much unloved by people who have probably never even seen one yet alone used one. In fact the X Vario is a wonderful camera with a fantastic lens and because it has an clip on electronic viewfinder which can be swivelled through 90º it is ideal for photographing cats at cat eye level.
This photo was taken as a DNG ( RAW ) file at ISO 1000 and I "massaged" it in Lightroom to handle the very contrasty light and shade and to get the detail in her very dark face. I used autofocus and focussed on her whiskers.