2 Aug 2021

Groan-not another cat photo!


With greater Sydney including the Central Coast-now on the fifth week of an seemingly endless lockdown and with no possiblities of travelling outside the immediate local area the photo oportunities are very limited so today's photo is another one of new friend, Marvel, who has really settled in very well.

Frustration is rapidly growing at the rising number of Delta variant c-19 cases here in NSW despite ever harsher lockdown mesasures. The rate of vaccinations is slowly creeping up but Australia is still 37th of the 38 OECD countries in terms of % of population having received two vaccine doses. We have crept off last postion-just. The vaccination stroll out is due to industrial scale incomptence by the federal government and our smirking, shirking prime minister. Fortunately despite his many attempts to shift the blame for the fiasco onto others his incomptence and lack of leadership is being widely recognised. There can be no doubt the man is totally incompetent.

28 Jul 2021

Lockdown sunrise

 Another 4 weeks of lockdown about to be announced but fortunately the sunrise is not affected.  The Haven, Terrigal this morning.

24 Jul 2021

A Marvellous photo

An update on my new cat-Miss Marvel. It's only the third day but she seems to be really setting in well and we are already good friends. I know nothing of her history before she was taken in by the RSPCA in May but she seems very affectionate so she could not have been mistreated. The RSPCA paperwork says she was skinny when taken in but in the interim she has been very well fed as she is definitely not skinny now. She is a very pretty and cute cat but I am hardly objective.

This photo was taken with my iPhone SE 2. I would have preferred to have taken it with a camera for better quality but there was no hope of that .She only stood there long enough for me to pull the iPhone out of my pocket. Going to pick up a camera was most definitely not on the agenda.

22 Jul 2021

She's a Marvel



I have a new cat-Marvel. A three year old female domestic short hair -an RSPCA rescue cat.

After the death of my lovely Himalayan cat, Phoebe, back in March I made the decision not to have another cat for 6 to 9 months. However being alone in this large house in what looks like being a very long lockdown has worn me down. I need feline company so I went and found little Marvel on-line

She was at PetBarn in West Gosford. PetBarn have an arrangement with the RSPCA where rescue animals are displayed in their stores. There were two cats in the West Gosford store and Marvel was my first choice but I would have taken either. I did ask if I could take both but the other one was waiting to be picked up by its new owner so it was just Marvel.

We arrived home at midday and by 12.30 she had managed to climb down the back of the washing machine/dryer in the laundry. I left her there for an hour but she could not climb out and she started to panic so I had to extract her by the scruff of the neck. It was not a good start but we are still friends as she now asleep purring very loudly at the bottom of the bookcase about a metre from me as I type this. I have boarded up the back of the washing machine/dryer.


14 Jul 2021

The wonderful Oxley Highway

 Regular readers of The Rolling Road may have noticed that I have changed the header photo to a shot of one of Australia's great driving roads -the Oxley Highway- in northern New South Wales. This photo was taken in August 2016 when friend Craig and I went in our early 911s on the first of what would be annual Porsche 'MatesGruppe' road trips.

We have not yet done the 2021 road trip as our plans have been setback by the Sydney covid -19 lockdown. I missed the 2017 road trip when my heart required a major service.

Sadly when/if we eventually do make the road trip this year we will not be driving the wonderful Oxley Highway as it is closed awaiting repairs after 70 landslips, 10 of them major, occured during the torrential rain back in March. They are working hard to reopen the road but much remains to be done

Driving the Oxley Highway between Walcha and Wauchope is definitely the highlight of the road trip-wide open and fast sweeping bends south of Walcha in New England and then the really challenging downhill mountainous section-lmost a mini Nurburgring but with two way traffic and continuous bends many of them blind.Vintage Porsche driving heaven.

Photos below -wide sweeping upper section taken from a track leading to Waterloo Station. My 911 is 56600H.


Spectacular sunrise today

 Another spectacular sunrise in Terrigal this morning. Photo taken from the balcony of the house at 6.45 today, Bastille Day, using my Leica Q2.

5 Jul 2021

Lockdown surfing

The weekend was glorious. Crisp and cold early and then warm during the middle of the day. On Saturday we walked 10kms over to Avoca-a wonderful 3 hour stroll. The surf was glorious and the surfers were out in force. Wonderful winter weather-such a pity about the lockdown.

On Sunday afternoon I drove over to Avoca with my X-Vario. The surf was even bigger and the sea was almost crowded with surfers. Some photos from the afternoon.

4 Jul 2021

A winter's day

 Suffering from mild cabin fever in our avoidable lockdown I took myself off to the Coastal Track in the Wyrrabalong Nntional Park, just 15 minutes drive from home in Friday afternoon. The track was crowded -so much for social distancing-but who can blame people for taking a walk in such spectacular scenery and on such a beautiful day?

Photo taken from Cromarty Hill looking south. The first beach is Forresters and beyond that, just visible, is Wamberal and then Terrigal.

Using the new Adobe Photoshop high resolution feature the enhanced version of this photo is so good that amazingly I can see my house on the side of the hill in the far distance. Extraordinary.

2 Jul 2021

An English summer's day

 I really like this photo of the seafront at Aldeburgh in Suffolk on the North Sea coast of England.

 It was taken by friend, Roger Putnam, on the 30th June. As Roger says "it's like autumn here with people dressed up as if they are going up the south face." The joys of an English summer.

The photo is so so bleak I almost found myself reaching for a thick sweater. Although I cannot see them I can visualise the seniors in their plastic macs huddled in the cafes and tea shops trying to convince themselves that the bracing sea air is good for them.

Roger took tthe photo with his Leica Q2. After a long period of Leica collecting and photography Roger went over to the Sony dark side a few years ago. I know the feeling. However last year the Sony gear was traded in and he is a Leica user again and with photos like this I am sure he is glad that he is.

30 Jun 2021

A Cockney family portrait


I have been trying to do a Marie Kondo on the house- see MARIE KONDO -in the past few weeks. After 51 years of marriage Val and I managed to accumulate a lot of 'stuff'. I am gradually sorting through it and last week I found a treasure trove of old photos in a cupboard some of which I cannot recollect having seen before. My regret is that I had not found them earlier so that I could have shared them with Val in the final months of her life.

Amongst the photos is this gem-a Cockney family portrait It is a small print and going by the dimensions it is a contact print from a 127 negative. It is a little damaged but still has a very period warm tone.

It shows members of my family and was taken, I believe, in 1948 in Marylebone in London. On the right is my paternal grandfather, Arthur. He was a knockabout guy-at various times a bookmaker's runner, a boxer-look at his nose-and many other dubious occupations. I love his flat cap and the cigarette drooping from his lips. 

The small child is me! Obviously I was dressed in my 'Sunday Best' for the photo and take a look at those sandals and the dinky white socks.

On the left is my mother. I remember her as kind and soft but she looks rather hard here. At the back is my paternal grandmother, Annie, Arthur's wife or as he would say in his often used Cockney rhyming slang, 'his trouble and strife'.

The photo must have been taken by my father using his Voigtlander camera which I owned until 2008 when I gave it away in an earlier cleanout when moving house.

It was a very hard time in the UK in 1948 especially in London where my family lived. Britain had won the war but was bankrupt and large areas of London had been flattened by bombing. There was widespread rationing and other hardships. The photo is an evocative portrait from a very difficult time.

26 Jun 2021

Forbidden in the hermit kingbom.


Again Australia is facing a covid-crisis. One limo driver taking incoming flight crews to their quarantine hotel has become infected with the Delta virus variant and has very effectively spread it around in Sydney so now we have a total lockdown in Sydney and surrounding areas and state borders closed to NSW residents. Because our forever smirking, Pentacostal prime minister, Scott Morrison, and his crew of incompetent muppets have sat on their hands in a bubble of "no covid here" complacency and not actioned an effective and orderly vaccination policy Australia is now the 49th of 50 in ranking of the world's richest nations in terms of the vaccination rate.

We are rapidly turning into the hermit kingdom. Travellers and Australian citizens cannot come in and those of us who are here are forbidden to leave.

All this suits a substantial portion of the population who are all in favour of keeping us "safe" with closed  international borders-perhaps for ever. As Mr Smirk's only objective is to get re-elected and keep his fat Pentacostal arse in the white armour plated BMW 7 Series government car he's only too pleased to go along with this as it surely will be a vote and election winner. The rest of us are in despair. See Lack of Leadership  from today's Sydney Morning Herald.

It's time for the f'ing around to stop Australia. The government has to procure enough vaccine to vaccinate us all rapidly-no more rubbery figures on the vaccination rate. Also all the anti-vaccers and vaccine shoppers  ("if I have the Astra-Zeneca jab there is a chance I will die-I must have Pfizer") have to shut up and get inline otherwise we are all f'd and destined to live forever in a hermit kingdom with a shrinking economy and ruled by small minded incompetents.

And yes I am fully vaccinated. Two doses of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine and yet I still cannot go anywhere. What a fiasco. Find me the nearest guillotine and some handcarts.

Header-a photo from 2012. St Helens, on the east coast of Tasmania. A place in my own country I cannot visit currently due to the incompetence and lack of leadership of Mr Smirk and his team of muppets.

The photo is a Photoshop panorama stitch of two photos taken with my Leica X1.