17 Jan 2021

High Summer

 It was a beautiful day again today. Crystal clear and not too hot for comfort. I drove down to Sydney to have lunch with my daughter and family. We went to Dee Why where I took these photos. Everywhere is so crowded because travel outside Australia is not possible and it's pretty restricted interstate in Australia. Hundreds of thousands of Australians who normally would be on the beaches of Bali, Fuji, Phuket or Queensland are holidaying at home here in NSW. 

Driving back home heading north up the M1 the holiday traffic heading back into Sydney was heavier than I had ever seen. It was virtually a 65 km three lane parking lot from the Gosford interchange to the end of the motorway and it may have stretched even further north as I turned off at Gosford.

16 Jan 2021

A beautiful day

 We have been enjoying some really beautiful summer weather the past week and into the weekend-very warm, but not too hot, and crystal clear skies. It's a marked contrast to this time last year when we were blanketed in bushfire smoke day after day.

Phoebe, the grand old lady, was even inspired to go outside and jump onto a sunbed to take in the sunshine this morning. She is not well with a bladder infection which does not seem to be clearing up despite two rounds of antibiotics. I see another vet visit coming up next week.

8 Jan 2021

Mo and Phoebe

 It's been a few weeks since I put up a cat photo so here are two. Firstly above, Mo, a very classy cat on a very classy chair. 

 Mo is solid muscle. I when I picked him up and I was surprised at his weight for his slim build. Mo is one very fit cat. 

In my first version of this photo I cropped it very tight to just Mo and a small part of the back of the chair so Mo was much more prominent but it works a lot better in this wider angle shot.

I have entered this photo into an I-Shot-It cat photo competition and I hope Mo may be in with a chance but you can never tell with photo competitions.

Now in total contrast below a photo of Phoebe, my grand old lady, taken on my iPhone as she was transported in for a hospital visit to see Val a few weeks ago. She was annoyed at not being let out of her carrying cage for a while and she put on her angry face.

 Currently she has a bladder infection and I am having to give her an antibiotic tablet twice a day for ten days. Today was the first day and it did not go well. I saw that angry face again. 

Poor Phoebe is shrinking away. In total contrast to Mo Phoebe looks big but she is all fur and under the fur there is very little body. When I pick her up she feels very light but she is still eating well and although she is finding jumping up onto chairs difficult she is doing very well for her very advanced years. However I fear that the inevitable is not too distant. I will be very distressed when I lose her but she has been an extraordinary cat and friend and I have been so fortunate that she has lived for so long.

27 Dec 2020

27th December 2020

 After a wet and not so warm Christmas Day and Boxing Day it looks as if we are in for a beautiful day today. Terrigal Lagoon at 6.32 am this morning. It won't be so tranquil in a few hours.

18 Dec 2020

Only 7 sleeps 'til Xmas

 It is going to be another hot and uncomfortably humid day here in Terrigal but early this morning as the sun rose it was stunningly beautiful and there were lots of people out and about even at 5.30 to enjoy it.

15 Dec 2020


 It's not that unusual to see old cars on the road here in Australia but they are usually old Holdens or Mustangs with a sprinkling of old Minis and others from time to time. It's not often that you see really unusual cars and this Riley Elf -top photo-spotted in Kiama two weeks ago is a real rarity. 

The Elf was a badge engineered premium version of the BMC Mini produced in the UK between 1961 and !969. It was never sold in Australia so this one must have been a personal import. 

The Elf had a sister variant, the Wolseley Hornet. Both were three box models with an extended front end with a big chrome grille and a boot extension.Viewed today they seem weird and ridiculously smal lbut in their day they were moderately succesful sellersin the UK.


The Vauxhall Cresta -below-spotted in a local car park last weekend would have been assembled by GMHolden here in Australia. In the 1960s in the UK the Cresta was seen as a spiv's or wideboy's car with its American styling and automatic gearbox. This is the first one I have ever seen in Australia. I suspect most fell victim to tinworm years ago.

7 Dec 2020

The Little Blowhole, Kiama.

 The Blowhole at Kiama on the NSW South Coast is the major tourist attraction in Kiama but it has a much less visited smaller sibling aptly called the Little Blowhole located a short distance to the south. 

I was in Kyama over the weekend and I captured this blow from the Little Blowhole on my early morning walk this morning. The Kiama Lighthouse is just visible on the far headland.

1 Dec 2020

Let's go surfing-part two.

Here's part two of my surfing photo collection. All taken at Terrigal Beach or nearby Avoca Beach except the smiling surfer walking across the beach -last photo below-which is one of my personal favourite photos and was taken at Cellito Beach south of Forster on the Mid NSW coast.


27 Nov 2020

Let's go surfing-part one.

 Earlier in the week I was having a coffee with son,Toby, in a surf shop/cafe here in Terrigal.  As we were waiting for our coffees I leafed through some surfing magazines on the table and was prompted to later look up the surf photos I have taken in the twelve years I have lived here. 

Professional surf photography has turned into an extreme sport. Surf photographers go out in massive waves riding pillion on jetskis or even swim in the surf to get those inside the barrel wave shots. Some use drones flying just a metre or so above surfers as I saw last year at a professional surf competition at nearby Avoca Beach where I also saw a photographer on the beach using a Canon DSLR with a mammoth lens which probably cost more than a small car. I can't match that but here and in a future post are some of my modest efforts.   


26 Nov 2020


 I am not sure whether this photo has been on the blog previously but here it is anyway. Taken at dawn on Terrigal Beach.

22 Nov 2020

MTB bikepacking in the Blue Mountains

 Son, Toby, has just spent three days with two friends bikepacking on  mountain bikes in the glorious Blue Mountains west of Sydney. They covered 230kms mostly on dirt road and trails and climbed a total of 3533 metres. They were self contained carrying tents, sleeping bags and all their food and they topped up with water from town supplies and from streams. Carrying enough water is a major issue. Currently there is plenty of water in the streams which can be used after filtering but that's not always the case.

Toby says the trip was a great success. The weather was kind but he says that it would not be feasible in high summer and it could be too cold in winter.


Red Day 1.Blue Day 2 .Green Day 3.

To record the trip Toby used an Olympus Mju 2 which he had last used in 2006 and which then had been retired early as he went digital. The camera had laid unused in a box for 14 years with an unprocessed film inside it.

The Olympus Mju 2 was a very popular camera in its day and going by the prices on eBay it is enjoying a  cult following currently. It is a full frame, point and shoot, 35mm film camera with a good 35mm F2.8 lens in a very compact body. The Mju 21 fits easily into a pocket. My wife owned its predecessor, the XA1,  for a number of years. We do not know where it is now but maybe it will surface again one day.


There is no digital equivalent to the Mju 2 today. That category of compact point and shoot camera has vanished from the market displaced by smartphones.

Toby loaded the Olympus with the excellent Kodak Portra 160 negative film for his bikepacking trip. Here are a selection of his photos.

Bushfire went through here earlier in the year.

The distinctive Blue Mountains blue haze is due to eucalyptus droplets in the atmosphere.