27 Sep 2017

Surely not non-alcoholic beer?

I am on warfarin medication-a blood thinner -for hopefully just three months-whilst my new heart valve beds in. I cannot just pop a pill every day. I have to maintain a certain INR ratio which is the level of thinness of the blood and this requires me to have my INR ratio checked twice a week at the doctors and the warfarin dosage to be adjusted. All a right drag but hopefully only for 2 more months.
Sadly as I have found out already alcohol really affects warfarin so it's no alcohol for me for 2 months.
Fortunately I have found a reasonable substitute for the short term. As part of their Oktoberfest promotion Aldi locally have on sale German Paulaner non-alcoholic hefe weissbier at only A$2.49 for a 750cl bottle. For non-alcoholic beer it's pretty good. Certainly much better than any others I have tasted in the past. It will have to do to early december.

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