10 Sep 2017

By the sea

I'm now feeling well enough to go down to Terrigal -by car-and then walk the esplanade early morning. Last week the mornings have been beautiful but really cold by our standards. Nonetheless I have managed to take some photos.
Now over the next few months I need to work on my fitness so that I can walk down the hill-the easy part-and back up as well as doing the esplanade walk.
It's good to have a camera in my hand again and even better to come back with some photos.
It was also very touching that so many people came upto me asking after my health and telling me that they had missed seeing me. I had not appreciated that me and my camera were a local landmark.
I particularly like the photo of the man with his unicycle.At the time I was regretting not taking a shot of him riding the bike but I am happy with the static shot. It was taken with the Leica Q and I like the colour rendition.
 At that time of the morning just a few minutes can make a huge difference to how light it is and the colour temperature of that light. The guy working out on the beach was shot about 10 minutes later than the unicycle man - not on the same day-and the light has changed significantly.

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