30 Sep 2017

Stunning line up

I took this photo of a stunning line up of Porsche sports cars at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles last year. I presume that the cars were on loan from their very lucky owners.
If you have an opportunity visit the Petersen Museum. It is a "must see" for any car enthusiast.
Sadly we won't ever be seeing line ups like this incorporating the latest WEC/Le Mans winning 919s. Porsche have stated categorically that they will never be sold because :-
  • The cars incorporate intellectual property which Porsche are very keen to protect. Much of the technology in the recent cars is unique and Porsche invested heavily to develop it.
  • The cars are so complex that only a team of works engineers and technicians with expert knowledge can maintain them or even start them.
  • The electric storage system can easily electrocute someone without the specialised equipment and knowledge. Not a hypothetical statement. Sadly a F1 engineer was killed a couple of years ago whilst working on a F1 car's KERS system
  • Porsche would not make parts available.
So we have passed a turning point-today's competition cars will never be seen in private hands. So even if you won the jackpot in the lottery you will have to go without a 919 in your collection. Enjoy the ones we can see and hear running.

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