20 Sep 2017

A barn find Lamborghini

Just when I was thinking that every barn and shed in every paddock/field  had been searched new barn finds turn up. Recently a very rare alloy body Ferrari Daytona was found neglected in a shed in Japan see  BARN FIND and just two years ago an amazing collection of cars was found in outhouses at a French chateau see   Chateau find.
Driven by a spirit of optimism whenever I have a chance I take a peak inside every accessible barn and shed when I am travelling. I live in hope of finding a long forgotten Bugatti 35 or maybe a missing Ferrari 250GTO.
Many years ago I came across what had been a shed find. A beautiful prewar MG in mint condition being sold by a country garage in Dorset ,England.The sad back story to this car was that it had belonged to their son, a fighter pilot, who had been killed in the second world war and his distraught parents had left his car in their garage undisturbed for 20 years.The car was for sale for £25 -yes twenty five pounds-but it was 1969 and that was what I was earning per week back then so buying it was out of the question.
I made my own barn find of a Lamborghini three years ago in a barn in a small village near Carcassonne in south west France. I was on an early morning walk and I took a peek inside a barn and there it was-a Lamborghini. Such a pity that it was only a tractor.

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