16 Jun 2017

Rarer than rocking horse droppings

Ron Goodman's team had this rare as rocking horse droppings Chevrolet Corvair rampside truck at last weekend's historic racing at SMSP. Like the Corvair car it is rear engined. In the truck the engine is under the floor of the load area.
This one has been imported from the US and looks very original and apparently complete.
On the steering wheel rim there is a sturdy knob as you see on cars modified for disabled drivers. Is the steering so low geared that you need assistance to turn the wheel quickly?
The Corvair truck was only produced in small numbers-the pickup version with a conventional tailgate was the most popular. The sideloading/rampside model was very rare with only 3213 being produced in total in the two years of production 1961 and 1962. By GM standards these number are miniscule.

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