11 Jun 2017

American paws

I came across a few dog photo ops on the recent American road trip. The photo above was the first photo of the trip and was taken in a Walgreens pharmacy in the centre of New Orleans.The girl is a shop assistant who seems to have either bought her dog to work or who has befriended a customer's dog.

I find the second photo rather sad. I was driving in Vicksburg and I took a wrong turn into a dead end street and I found this panting man and his huge panting dog walking up the road. The man had just pushed the dog up a quite steep hill.
He explained that the dog was 8 years old-apparently quite an old age for an English bulldog - and now needed to be lifted in and out of its "baby carriage".Together they made a rather bizarre and somewhat sad sight.

The dog below was waiting in the back of a pick up truck for his owner to come back from lunch in Natchez.That's the old railway station in the backgrounds. US railroads were grand institutions and the stations in the town and cities reflected this particularly in an important river town like Natchez.

The photo above was snatched early in the morning in Chicago. A runner and her dog.

The final two photos are my favourites. Taken in Chicago on a very cold but sunny morning. This charming lady with her gorgeous and so well behaved dog, 8 month old Louis. And yes that tower is Trump Tower, Chicago. 

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