24 Apr 2017

Q for quality

If you read the The Rolling Road regularly you will know that I am a big Leica fan going way back to 1968. I am very fortunate to have owned quite a few Leica cameras over the years and my current trio of the X1, the X Vario and the Q are all capable of producing superb image quality but of the three the Leica Q is the star performer. As well as producing superb image quality the Q is a joy to use. It feels and looks like a classic Leica film camera and the controls and menus are straightforward and simple.
The lead designer for the Q was a young Swede, Vincent Laine. Not only is he a very talented designer but he is also a talented photographer. He has an Instagram account @vincent.laine. You can read his bio and see examples of his photography on his personal website Vincent Laine  .
Photos above - grandson Felix and pit lane both taken with the Q. From the camera jpeg files with light post processing in Lightroom. The Blogger system compresses the photos so what you see here are highly compressed files. The originals on a big monitor screen have real punch.

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