15 Apr 2017

At the end of the day.

It's almost a given that it rains heavily over the Easter weekend here on the east coast of Australia. Well, there is always the exception that proves the rule and this Easter is the exception. Beautiful warm days-27ºC- and not a sign of rain so far. Yesterday was grandchildren day and we took advantage of the weather to take the crew onto the rock shelf by Terrigal Haven-always a popular outing-when the tide is out.
The light was glorious this afternoon at 4.00 when I took this photo of the crowds still on Terrigal Beach. The sea must still be warm going by the numbers swimming.
This was taken with my Leica X Vario-a beautiful camera. Leica have stopped producing the X Vario-it was a poor seller-and it was much maligned at launch-so sad- -but the reality is that it really is an outstanding camera.
For balanced and fair comment on the X Vario search under Leica X Vario on the excellent Macfilos blog see MACFILOS
If you want to get into Leica ownership with an outstanding camera check out the X Varios for sale on eBay. Prices have come tumbling down so you can pick up a bargain.

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