23 Apr 2017

Daniel Berehulak

Australian freelance photographer Daniel Berehulak has just won the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for photography for his New York Times story on the extrajudicial drug killings in Phillipines.
The photos are quite extraordinary. See Pulitzer Prize .
Daniel is no stranger to major photography awards. His work is outstanding. In my book he is currently one of the world's top photojournalists.
You can find his website here Daniel Berehulak  
Also there is an excellent, albeit somewhat old, interview with him here Interview 

I really enjoy looking at great photography by photographers like Daniel. I spend a lot of time looking at photographs-and I am certain that this exposure to good photography has inspired me to really improve my own photography in the past seven years.
I have been taking photographs for nearly 60 years but nearly all my "best" photos have been taken in the past 7 years. I put this down to the internet.

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