19 Apr 2017

Not my thing

I don't take photos of sunrises and sunsets-they are not my thing-well that's what I say. But on Monday I broke my own rule. I went for an extended early morning walk with a camera. I was close to the rocks below the Skillion at the Terrigal Haven when I saw that a cloud formation was lining up to make a special sunrise. I walked onto the rocks and waited. I took six photos-this is the best of them. It was taken on the Leica Q as a jpeg file and this is the full frame-no cropping. It was taken at 1/800th sec and F2.8 at ISO 100 . I did some post processing in Lightroom to pull some detail up in the shadow area. I did not touch the colour settings-it really was like this.
Although I have seen thousands of sunrises I am always surprised by how quickly the sun appears. One minute the sky is lightening and the next an orange orb is rapidly ascending into the sky. If you stand around messing with your camera settings the show will be over before you know it.

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