12 Nov 2017

On the road -USA

It's a quiet time for me.This recovery is taking time and I don't feel up to long days such as going to the historic motor racing at Sydney Motorsport Park this weekend. So the flow of new photos is just a trickle or less at the moment.
I am very fortunate that I did my New Orleans to Chicago road trip in May before I became ill. Falling that ill in the US would have been traumatic and the cost does not bear thinking about.
I have just been looking at the photos from the road trip and have found a few photos that I have not previously put on the blog.
They show the sort of sights I usually drive past but which are very typical of the cities/towns and country we passed through. Much of the passing scenery was mundane and it is difficult at the time to justify stopping to photograph the mundane. Afterwards on reflection you realise that mundane was,perhaps,worth photographing.
I know that I passed up a wonderful photo when I spotted a group of four old white haired african-americans most of whom were wearing denim bib and braces sitting on oil drums at a rundown gas station. I should have summoned all my nerve and stopped to take that one.
The drive beside the Mississippi on the River Road for much of the drive from New Orleans to Chicago is through farmland. You soon appreciate that the whole region has been depopulated as farm workers were displaced by machines
and farms were bought up and consolidated by corporations. Cotton pickers shacks are abandoned in ruins. Farmhouses are empty.
The towns and small settlements are run down with shuttered shops everywhere. Much of rural USA is an empty and sad place.

Some photos from the road.

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