5 Nov 2017

A modern 3 wheeler

I was driving up the Old Pacific Highway from Brooklyn to Cowan last wednesday to go to my monthly lunch meet at the Pie in the Sky cafe when coming down the hill at a fair pace was this three wheeler Morgan with a driver and passenger. A short time afterwards it pulled into the cafe car park.
I remember encountering a pair of original 1930s Morgans three wheelers driving at a very high speed along the Hogsback road near Guildford in Surrey,UK in 2004. By coincidence I was in my brother- in- law's Morgan Plus 4. See Understanding Morgans   We were going to the Goodwood Festival of Speed and so were they.They arrived well before us.
I can't really understand why you would buy a modern Morgan 3-wheeler particularly as the drive away price here in Australia is over $100,000. If I wanted that sort of motoring I would buy a Caterham but if your interest is piqued take a look at the Morgan Cars Australia website on Morgan Cars Australia

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