10 Oct 2017

Colourful Myanmar

I went to Myanmar 5 years ago soon after the sanctions were lifted and the country was opening up to the world. It was a superb trip travelling down the Irrawaddy on a small river boat stopping at riverside villages on the way. The country is desparately poor but the people were delightful and it was so colourful. I have wanted to return and when Pandaw the company we travelled with back in 2012 ( see PANDAW ) announced an boat expedition across the Irrawaddy Delta-an area not so far explored by tourists-I jumped at the opportunity. So I am off to Myanmar next March -camera in hand to capture more Myanmar colour.
However I do have major reservations.The recent expulsion of the Rohingya people,the burning of Rohingya villages and the indifferent attitude of Aung San Suu Kyi to what the UN have described as ethnic cleansing has made me question whether we should be going to Myanmar. Regrettably we have already paid a substantial deposit and made bookings so cancelling at this point would be costly and at the end of the day our two person protest would count for nothing except perhaps to ease our consciences. 
The photos above were all taken with my Leica X1 in river bank villages down the Irrawaddy river. All taken as jpeg files.

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