8 Oct 2017

......and it rained

It was the Bathurst 1000 today. I am not a fan of Australian Supercar racing - taxi racing-but Bathurst is such a special and demanding track I am tempted to turn on the TV to watch snatches of it every year.
It has not rained across most of NSW for over 2 months. Not a drop. The practice days were glorious and sunny but as luck would have it today at Bathurst it poured down and most of the race was wet. It only started to dry out in the last hour. With a wet track surface there were cars running off all round the circuit. And when the rain did stop and there was rush onto dry weather slick tyres any excursion off the narrow dry racing line was courting disaster.
There was a huge crowd of spectators and I am sure that many of them would not have come prepared for the deluge after such a long dry period.

Photo above of slicks taken at this year's Bathurst  12 hour GT race when it was scorching hot and totally dry.

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