3 May 2017

The Fruit Bowl

This wonderful piece of Australian kitsch-The Big Fruit Bowl- stands outside the Fruit Bowl apple/fruit shop in Bilpin in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. It needs a good clean and in the rain it looked rather sad. I hope that they don't let it die through neglect
There are quite a few of these wonderful roadside objects around in Australia. There is a big banana, a big merino,a big prawn, a big axe and many more see BIG ICONS for a complete list.
 Locally on the road to Swansea there is a big prawn on a pole. It was once on a fish shop and service station. The fish shop and the service station have been totally demolished. Only the prawn remains. It looks really odd. It's on a fast stretch of road but I must make the effort to stop and photograph it before it goes.
I hope that the urge to build kitschy big things is still out there -they are so much more entertaining than billboards advising the distance to the next golden arches.

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