25 May 2017

Pickups -everywhere pickup trucks.

South of Memphis 80% of the private vehicles are pickup trucks.
Some of the trucks are HUGE but most are just big and many are very old and battered.
There is a Porsche dealer in New Orleans-I know as Google ads from him are still appearing on my internet pages-but he must mostly sell only SUVs. I only saw two sports car Porsches and only a handful of SUVs south of Memphis. One of the sportscars was a 911 Turbo parked off Magazine St New Orleans and the other was a late model GT3 on the highway near New Iberia-he must have been lost.

Monster truck in the French Quarter New Orleans.

A typical small town streetscape.Pickups everywhere
I saw a very petite young woman driver get down from this big 'un on the main street of Oxford, Miss.

This old guy was heading out fishing in his vintage GMC soft top truck.

Abe pulled his barbecue with this old girl

A stranger-911 Turbo in New Orleans.
Imposter. Late model Range Rover in matte camo paint in Chicago.The owner was probably having his kale salad in a cafe nearby.

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