28 May 2017

A winter's day

Well a few days short of winter but you could not tell-an absolutely beautiful autumn day with a clear blue sky and warm conditions from mid morning. An ideal day for a classic Porsche run. We had a superb run out to St Albans north of Wisemans Ferry. Great driving roads and so little traffic. Even the Galston Gorge road which is usually full of cyclists on a Sunday was almost cyclist free.
Friend Warren and I came back home from Wisemans Ferry via the Mangrove Mountain Road. We were second and third off the ferry after a pack of motorcyclists who soon disappeared into the distance and we enjoyed a completely clear run right through to Somersby allthough there were slippery damp patches on the road in the shadows- traps for an early 911 driver tempted to drive a little too hard.
I was in my 1971 2.2 as my 2.7 is still not running as well as it should. The 2.2 is the last car in the photo below.
I was back home for a late lunch having travelled just under 300kms in the morning most of it through beautiful country on empty roads and the car ran like clockwork.
Some photos of the cars outside the 1836 Settlers Arms pub at St Albans.

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