8 Sep 2014

What a car park

For interesting car parks it's hard to go past the main car park at the Le Mans Classic.I took this photo at this year's Classic-you can tell from the colour of the sky- from where we parked our car. There's an eclectic mix of cars visible in this one random shot.The wing of an MGA ,part of an Alvis (you don't see too many Alvises around),the superb Fiat Multipla (as rare as an Alvis particularly in this condition),a Porsche 356 convertible, an Austin Healey, numerous MGBs (common as the proverbial at Le Mans)and mostly hidden from view a kermit green longnose 911.

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely little Fat, the euros have always been really clever with the way they packaged the people mover, and the Alvis one of the most beautiful cars of that 50's/60's era I think. Peter E.