24 Sep 2014

Targa you've come a long way

The latest iteration of the Porsche 911 Targa has been enthusiastically received.I saw it in the metal for the first time a few weeks ago and whilst I appreciate its family resemblance in terms of styling cues it is a long way from the original Targa concept in execution.Sadly there were too many lookers surrounding it for me to get a reasonable photo and the Porsche press photos are too good in that they make the car look quite compact.

Originally the 911 Targa was a light,frills free,open top sports car with a practical,manually stowable detachable roof.The latest model is spectacular but it is also a very big,heavy complex car.The electrically operated roof is a wonder of engineering but I look at the car and think "bling" and "monster" and "OTT". And the price is way over the top with a hefty premium over the coupe. And really how difficult is it to stop and take off a couple of roof panels as you do in the original Targa? In any case you have to stop the new Targa to stow the roof. No,the new Targa is excess in its purest form.
Such a contrast to the absolutely beautiful restored early 911Targa Porsche had on their display at this year's Le Mans Classic.
Leica X1 photo.

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