22 Sep 2014

Cable Beach Highway

If you are reading this after a long commute home on crowded roads take a look at the Cable Beach "Highway" photographed two weeks ago at sunrise.A 4WD heads up the beach for a day's fishing.Ahead of it are many kilometres of pristine white sand and not another soul in sight.It's wonderful that there are still places on the planet like this.

See earlier post for photos of Cable Beach from the air.The sand on the beach is so firm that even two wheel drive vehicles can drive on it-although the ramp back up to the road can be a bit challenging for them.When I was running on Cable Beach early one morning 16 years ago- I was a lot fitter and younger then- a rather battered old brown Volvo passed me and then stopped about 50 metres ahead of me and a man and a woman both in their late 60s or early 70s got out.They were extremely suntanned all over and beyond wrinkled.Like a pair of vintage prunes.And they were completely naked.Nude.In their birthday suits.Drooping best describes their physiques.They were certainly "hanging loose".They would not have been a pretty sight at any time but particularly so early in the morning.Anyway they were completely oblivious to my presence and they just walked down to the sea for an early morning swim-au naturel.
Leica XVario photo.

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