17 Oct 2013

Hot as hell

The weather here is hell today.We have had 37ºc -that's 99º f-temps here today with gale force winds.We have had no rain for 6 weeks so everywhere is tinder dry.
We have massive bush fires all around Sydney and the air here is thick with the smell of smoke .Over 100 homes have already been lost in the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney but so far no casualties.Problem is that the wind is shorting the power lines and causing sparking and the winds are pushing the fires forward at a terrifying pace.In some places grass igniting by spontaneous combustion in other places embers carrying long distances.I have just heard on the news that there are over 100 fires burning in the state of NSW and 40 of these are not currently contained.
No danger here in Terrigal but atmosphere horrible .Not something you can easily capture with a camera but I have just tried -- moon at 19.25 through smoke haze.
Underlying is the issue that this is the 4th such day we have had with exceptionally high temperatures for October after the warmest winter on record.And yet still we have politicians and shock jocks who deny climate change and global warming.I guess we should count our blessings --at least we don't have the appalling US Tea Party and their loopy cohorts who seem quite prepared to totally trash what little is left of their country's international reputation and to bring the whole global economy to its knees just to prove a point -and they cannot even agree what the point is.
Yes, the fires may be bad but we don't have the Tea Party.It could be worse.

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