4 Jul 2012

Amazing AHAE

Saw the an extraordinary photo exhibition yesterday in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris.The Louvre Museum have constructed a wooden pavilion just to house the exhibition.And we are not talking a shack -it is a beautiful building which must have cost serious money but you know how it is with the French and the arts.Budget crisis?What crisis?
Ahae is a Korean photographer who took two million ,yes two million, photos of a wood through the small window of his studio over a period of three years. Sounds crazy but the small selection of photos on display are quite extraordinary as is the way they are displayed.He must have used a very wide selection of gear including extreme telephotos because he has captured everything from panoramas to tiny details .Some of the prints are enormous say 4x6 metres .A few are monochrome -most are colour.
It is without a doubt the most extraordinary photo exhibition I have ever seen.Almost worth the trip to Paris alone .And admission is totally "libre"-free.
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