11 Jan 2019

Faces of Oman

 I found people in Oman both photogenic and very helpful when I asked if I could photograph them. I never asked any women as this is a definite "no,no" but otherwise a broad smile and a wave of the camera or if they spoke English-which many do-a short "photo?" and they were fine. I even had people approach me in the street asking me to take their photo. You don't get people more friendly than that.
Here's a selection of some of the people photos from the trip. The first-above-was taken atthe back of the wonderful Muttrah Souk. There was a small square with groups of men sitting around in groups watching the world go by. This group watched me photo a nearby group and when I raised my camera and waved it at them the guy in the centre gave me a thumbs up.

These four photos were all taken in the same area as the top photo on my first afternoon in Muscat. My wife was still feeling jetlagged so I took a taxi for the 20 minute drive to the port of Muttrah and wandered through the maze of alleys of the souk with camera in hand. The two smiling guys in the bottom photo saw me taking the top photo and asked me if I would photograph them. I was happy to oblige. The guy in the shot above them is a barber . His shop was still shut mid afternoon and he was sitting outside playing with his smartphone. Something which many Omanis do much of the time.

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