31 Dec 2017

New Year's Eve 2017

New Year's Eve here in Terrigal is big deal this year. I went down to the town at 7.45pm and the Esplanade was packed with families waiting to see the family fireworks at 9.00pm. There were literally thousands in the town and parking was impossible.
Some photos from the town and the fireworks as seen from the balcony of our house.
We were unaware of it at the time-we only found out the next morning-but the fireworks barge anchored off the beach caught fire and set of a substantial explosion.This maybe what I caught in the above photo.Two fireworks technicians located on the barge had to swim ashore.


  1. Happy New Year John, here's hoping this year is better than last.

  2. you avoided the barge fire then? Which is good.


  3. John, There was a photo of the "fireworks malfunction" on page 27 of the british "I" newspaper dated 2 January. Looks as though you just missed the explosion which sent revellers fleeing at about 21.05 local time. The report records that two pyrotechnicians jumped off the boat (barge?)and and were treated by paramedics for minor injuries. Could this be Terrigal's 5 minutes of fame? Chris