3 Dec 2017

An early morning photo

Today was
​a big carnival for the nipper surf lifesavers here in Terrigal. Nippers are juniors aged 5-12-they don't actually patrol the beaches-yet -they are trainees so to speak.
The nippers movement must be very strong as there seemed to be a big turnout for the carnival. By 6.30am it looked as if most participants had arrived and their clubs had erected their awnings on the beach and unloaded all their gear ready for an early start to the competition.
As has been the case for a number of years photography is not allowed on the beach in the competition area during nippers events even by the participant's parents. I was not anticipating taking any photos of the carnival at all-in fact I did not realise it was on until I arrived at the beach nonetheless I was extra careful to keep my camera hidden in my hand as I walked along the esplanade. 
 The sun shining into the lens gave me just the one photo which I thought was worth taking and which I hope has not offended anyone.
 I totally understand why the surf livesaving clubs have had to adopt the "no photography" rules. It's unfortunate but these are the times we live in.

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