17 Aug 2017

Rolling again!

Well not exactly firing on all 6 cylinders but spluttering into life on at least 4.
After over 5 weeks in hospital I was discharged on Tuesday - just 8 days after open heart surgery to replace a damaged heart valve. I should add that the valve was damaged by a very nasty and malevolent bacteria so this whole saga was sheer bad luck.
 Royal North Shore Hospital,Sydney, is a fine hospital but 5 weeks is an endurance feat which I never want to exposed to again. Boredom takes on a new dimension.
I'd like to thanks the many well wishers-many of them complete strangers-who sent messages of support.I did not appreciate how many people follow the blog.

It's a beautiful day here in Terrigal so I took the opportunity to take a gentle walk along the esplanade this morning. Sadly I did not take a camera -and in any case the sea is flat and the light is wrong so I have had to dig into the recent library for this shot.
If all goes to plan the photostream should get upto speed again in the next few weeks.

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic to hear you're home John....

    Take it easy during the 'run in' period!