30 Jul 2017

From the cardiac ward

It's very difficult to find an appropriate photo to post from a hospital cardiac ward but this one probably fits the bill. I photographed this jolly chef cooking lunch in a beautiful canal side restaurant beside the Canal Du Midi in France a couple of years ago.
He seemed very happy in his work and his sausages were delicious but I cannot help thinking that if he spent some time in the cardiac ward of a hospital surrounded by overweight men waiting for triple and quadruple bypass operations he would consider losing some weight.
This horrible bacterial infection I picked up six weeks ago has resulted in my losing 8 kg- a not insignificant amount. Whilst I am keen to put some weight back on I am going to try really hard to stay lean and to banish my belly flab once and for all . I have seen quite a few very serious beer bellies in the last few weeks and they are not pretty or healthy.
This experience has really bought home to me the importance of being able to access first class medical facilities something you don't think about when you are fit and healthy.
Leica X1 photo.

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  1. best wishes for a speedy recovery.....