5 Mar 2017

On the road again

Warren's car is on the road again-after two and a half years and a big spend. It sounds great and he seems very happy with the performance and the gearchange from the rebuilt gearbox. I hope that he does not now regret his personal customisation of the car. Top photo shows Simon of Autowerks (right) doing the handover to Warren on Friday afternoon.

The yellow car is my 2.7 which is still grounded at Autowerks with starting maladies . It was not a good week for me and my Porsches as I had to replace both batteries of the 2.2 on Monday at a cost of $360. I should not really complain as they had been in the car for just over 9 years-is this a record? The early cars have two batteries housed in boxes behind the headlamps in both wings. This setup was adopted for weight distribution reasons. Getting the batteries in and out is not a simple task. I am glad that they started to fail whilst the car was at home. The NRMA or any roadside assistance battery supplier would not carry the unusual size batteries and they certainly would not have been prepared to spend the time changing the batteries over.

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