19 Feb 2016

Hold the schnitzel Fritz

Last week I had a phone call asking if I would be willing to let Porsche Australia borrow my early Porsche 911 for the launch event for the 2016 911 in Sydney.They were actually looking for a SWB model so mine did not suit so it went no further. But this set me thinking why do Porsche want to put the svelte,slim 1971 911 in a line up with the fat bloated 2016 911 ?
I know the young Porsche marketeers are anxious to show the heritage and talk about the bloodline and the inherited DNA but in reality it achieves the reverse. It emphasises how big and bloated the latest Porsche is.
I recently saw a rear end shot of the 2016 911 beside a 1970 911. What a contrast. Obesity alongside an athletic taut frame.
And Porsche have recently released this photo of the new Boxster Spyder alongside its "relative" the 550 Spyder.
When I read a review of the Boxster Spyder I was very impressed but when I see this photo -which hardly flatters the Spyder anyway-my reaction is that all the new Porsche models including the Spyder really need to go on a diet. For a car with just two seats,minimal luggage carrying capacity and limited weather protection it is gross.
Of course none of this matters to the swoon brigade who "like" everything Porsche do and who will buy the fatty Spyder in great volume but for us purists it is rather tragic.


  1. They are bloated, and the old ones look better, but they are much safer. Boxster luggage space is way better than the competition, and enough for two of us to go away for a week.

  2. Tom , I agree that the new cars are safer.My comment re luggage capacity was specifically aimed at the Spyder. Despite the improved safety features I am not convinced that the current Porsches need to be as big as they are.Mazda have recently turned the clock back with the latest MX5 which is as light as and only marginally bigger than the original and they have not skimped on safety.