12 Feb 2016

A Long Flat beer

Whilst I was up on the mid north coast of NSW last week I drove inland from Wauchope towards Walcha on the B56.The road is a great driving road-smooth,interesting,passing through wonderful country and with very little traffic. A great Porsche driving road. Sadly I was not in a Porsche but maybe next time.
Passing through the tiny isolated settlement of Long Flat I spotted these two drinkers enjoying a beer outside the Traveller's Rest Hotel - one of the oldest country pubs in NSW. I stopped the car up the road and I walked back and asked them if I could take their photo. After some witty banter they agreed and here it is. Now I wished that I had asked the guy in the blue singlet to remove his sunglasses but that's life. Anyway to my mind it's a very Australian photo and you don't see many characters like these two nowadays even in the bush.
They explained that they were having a beer at 11.15 in the morning because it did not take them a full day to do a full day's work.
Leica X1 photo

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