28 Jan 2016

Gotta love the French

This gem is in today's Sydney Morning Herald-syndicated from the Washington Post.

"Iranian President Hassan Rouhani commenced an eventfful trip to Europe this week. As part of his visit to Rome,Rouhani toured the famed Capitoline Museum with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Monday.The building is home to numerous prized works of antiquity some of which appear to show human figures in the nude.
Given the sensibilities of the theocratic Iranian regime,Italian authorities decided to conceal some of the perhaps offending artworks during Rouhani's visit. Ply boxes and panels were placed around the objects to obscure them from the Iranian presxident's vision,or at least photo-ops.
In accordance with protocols governing visits by Muslim dignitaries,alcohol was not served at a dinner hosted in Rouhani's honour. As noted last year by the Washington Post,the Iranians apparently did not receive similar dispensation during an earlier visit to France,whose government baulked at the notion of hosting an official dinner without wine."

What an absolute load of nonsense covering up the statues.Presumably Rouhani is a grown man and has seen a naked human before -even if only a glimpse of himself in a bathroom mirror.This sort of pandering is ridiculous. The Italians belittle themselves by doing it and all power to the French for keeping wine on the menu.

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