29 Jan 2016

Chiens de Paris

Wet evening walkies-putting your left foot/paw forward.

Bulldog cafe.


I am sitting at the computer trying to get my head around going to France this year.I missed out on my French fix in 2015 and I need another dose but that long flight is looking less and less appealling as I get older and the airlines cram in more seats. I've done the flight hundreds of times over the years but it seems to be getting longer. So I thought I would flick through some photos from my last trip to try and activate my enthusiasm and I came upon these four.
Dogs are as Parisien as the Eifel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. All Leica X1 photos and all 100% Paris.Guaranteed.
Maybe I should spend two weeks in Paris just shooting dog photos and then publish a book of them. Dream on John. Sadly I am thirty years too late for that. Now I'd just have to post them on my Instagram account and people could look at them for free on their little phone screens. I see that one of my favourite photographers Thorsten Overgaard has succumbed to the lure of Instagram. I feel that his photos are wasted on little screens.

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  1. Fantastic pics John.... I can almost smell the coffee and the Gauloises!!