22 Apr 2012


We've all seen the "Dream Garage" books .There are now dozens of different versions available -and, yes ,I did buy an early one .You can find them on those trestle table discount book sales in the middle of the aisles in suburban shopping malls.
The dream garages portrayed in those books fall into two categories .The first are real enthusiasts' garages-wonderful spaces done by people who live and breath their cars/motorcycles .
The second category are the wanker's garages created by people detemined to show that there is an inverse relationship between taste and wealth. You know the sort of thing -the front garden lawn is really the floor of a lift which takes the Ferraris - yes, they're invariably Ferraris- down to the underground basement where there is a vast minimalist space full of cars and art (and maybe a swimming pool/gym) and a Ducati hanging on a wall .Some of the cars are painted in a colour which exactly matches the dominant colour in the giant Andy Warhol painting which is on one of the other walls.
Anyway Rob who created his Porsche shed in deepest Northern NSW,Australia is 100% in the first category. Rob is the ultimate Porsche enthusiast who has an eye watering collection of Porsches -- new and old ,a massive collection of Porsche models and collectibles and a serious slot car track all housed in a tin shed on his property.It's a veritable shrine to Porsche.
The slot track alone is very impressive although going by the small number of spectators in the stand ( see pic below) he seems to have modelled it on a Middle Eastern Formula One race .
Just take it all in .I thought that my two Porsche garage was pretty neat but Rob's shed is on a totally different scale.
Photos by Rob.

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  1. Am planning to pay a visit to Robbie's shed this winter