20 Apr 2012


Further to the post below Roger Putnam just emailed me the following-

I saw the piece on the blog about square format. I still have three Rollei TLR's but I sold the 'baby' to Mike Beasley - Jaguar's Manufacturing Director as I think the two 127 films I put through it were the first time it was used. When I bought it, it still had the paper tape across the mechanism inside telling you to read the instructions (in German). Mike has probably the finest collection of cameras - of all types - in private hands in the UK. It includes a 'Nul serie' Leica in a museum somewhere and all sorts of rare 19th century field cameras, plate cameras etc all in unbelievable condition. When he saw me using the 'baby' at Browns Lane and I said it had never been used before he offered to buy it and made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I'd got the camera when I was collecting Rolleis in part-ex against a really crappy grey 'T'. I still have two black 'T's and a 3.4F but I'm trying to find a really nice Blad 500 CM with a standard and wide-angle lens. I'll probably part-ex one of the 'T's against it. I've never owned a Blad.

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