14 Dec 2017


I've just been up the coast to visit a friend who lives at Blueys Beach on the midcoast in the Myall Lakes NP-280kms north of Sydney. It is a week before the holiday rush starts on this incredibly beautiful stretch of coastline. The beaches were empty and it was hot. Very hot. I drove back down the Pacific Highway this afternoon and for a long stretch north of Raymond Terrace the exterior temperature was showing as 42ºC (107.6ºF) on the car readout. Serious heatwave weather and a major fire risk. I was glad to get home.
Not only are the beaches up there stunning but the surf is superb.The photo above was taken at Cellito Beach south of Blueys. The photos below are the view from the headland above Blueys Beach and the bottom photo shows just one of the beautiful beaches to the north of Seal Rocks.


  1. The sheer spaciousness of your pictures makes them special, and I sense the Q back tis up strongly.