21 Dec 2017

Season's Greetings

Season's greetings to all followers of the Rolling Road blog. I hope that you have a fun christmas and a happy and peaceful new year.
For all of us I hope that 2018 is peaceful and the mad men, wherever they are, are restrained by cooller heads.
2017 was a bad year for the planet and a particularly bad year for civil society in the USA. It was also my personal annus horribilis. 2018 can only be better.

Despite everything I did manage to take a few good photos through the year-except when I was in hospital even I was defeated there-and my favourite is this one. Taken on the last day of the summer school holidays in January at Avoca Beach, Central Coast of NSW,Australia. It was taken late morning on a very hot day on my Leica X Vario. I completely fluked this one and caught the boy mid air with the two girls framing the scene. It was in the last six for the Sydney Morning Herald 'Summer' photo competition but sadly I missed out on the first and only prize.


  1. Fantastic John... a great capture of a moment in time.

  2. An awesome shot, and great advert for the X Vario. Here's hoping 2018 is an excellent year.