13 Jan 2016

Guitar man

Peter Enderby is an accomplished land/seascape photographer,woodworker and musician. When he is not out hiking in the bush taking photos he works away in his cool - that's as opposed to hot- man cave under his house spending the days perfecting his ink jet photo prints,playing his collection of guitars and making things. His walks into the bush to find photographic locations nearly bought him undone 15 months ago when he broke his ankle in a very isolated spot where there was no mobile phone signal and he had to drag himself for 3 kms in acute pain back to the track where he had parked his car. He then had to drive himself to the nearest hospital's emergency department.
Over the last few months he has diligently hand crafted an electric guitar from a piece of recycled Oregon timber,the neck of an old Yamaha guitar purchased from a pawn shop and various bits and pieces. It is not quite finished but it looks good and Peter is really delighted with the sound. He reckons that it it makes a better sound than his most prized Fender and to my cloth ears it sounds pretty good. Here's Peter playing the woody and the guitar alongside another piece of the recycled Oregon.

Examples of Peter's excellent sea and landscapes can be found on his website at LANDSCAPES
Photos above taken yesterday with the Sony a7 and the 28mm Zeiss Biogon lens.The top photo was taken at 1/80th second at f2.8 at ISO 6400 in Peter's dim man cave.Ten years ago I was taking colour photos on ISO 50 Velvia colour slide film.That's progress.

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