16 Nov 2013

On Porsche wheels and an old spacesaver

My 1977 911 is very original and complete -- down to the handbook,service records and an almost complete-just one spanner missing-tool kit and it has the original spacesaver tyre and the original compressor in its plastic case.The tyre has been used in the past as it is quite worn.

When I bought the car in 2001 I inflated the spacesaver and all seemed well.I have not had to use it since but yesterday I thought that I would just check it out.It still inflates and holds pressure although the valve leaks very slowly.The tyre cap seems to stop that but it's not something you would want to test out on the open road.All seems well with the tyre itself with no obvious cracks in the sidewalls but I would not be game to drive on a 36 year old tyre particularly one which folds itself up like a piece of origami as the spacesaver does when you deflate it.
There is not room for a full sized tyre in the wheel well although you can put one into the luggage area - and then not carry much else.Spacesavers of that size are no longer manufactured so I have put in a can of tyre weld and I will keep hoping for the best.

Talking Porsche wheels Matt Hart who used to have a very nice early 911 which he supersprinted very quickly has now bought 3.2 SC which he has fitted with Martini decals and it was at the recent PCNSW concours.Matt has fitted some Group 4 wheels from the UK which are a change from the usual default Fuchs wheels and which look good in combination with the paint colour, the decals and the bonnet mounted auxiliary lights.Nice  car Matt.

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