11 Apr 2012


 The last of my images from the 1981 Italian Grand Prix at Monza .It was such a pity that I had only one 36 roll of Kodachrome with me but the opportunity to go to the race was given to me late on the preceeding Thursday afternoon .Next morning I was on a BA plane ( a BAC 111-a British airliner- those were the days ) from Birmingham to Milan .When I arrived in Milan they were having a city wide general strike so I could not get downtown to a camera shop as my hotel was out near the track. I made it to the track early on the Saturday morning and it took a some time to get all the accreditation sorted.Lots of arm waving and shouting but eventually I had all the magic passes.By then I was more anxious to see the action than worry about getting more film.
Anyway more atmospheric shots -- including the very pretty and very fast winning Renaults of Alain Prost ( #15) and Rene Arnoux (#16), the Williams team with their drivers Alan Jones (#2) and Carlos Reutemann(#3)and a  young  Frank Williams.Nelson Piquet's Brabham Ford(#5) of Bernie Ecclestone's team -- and Elio de Angelis' Lotus Ford in the very distinctive John Player Special livery.Is that the other Lotus team driver Nigel Mansell striding along behind the car?And the Maclaren team cars and Jacques Laffite's Ligier Matra.
All photos on my Olympus OM2 with either a 28 or 50 mm lens .

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