4 Jul 2018

Vive la France

Monsieur David Nicholls avec son nouveau jouet, une Citroen DS.
Porsche 356 aficionado and friend David Nicholls with his latest toy, a 1971 Citroen DS, at the monthly old farts with old cars gathering at the Pie in the Sky biker's caff at Cowan,NSW lunchtime today. I assume that he found the beret on the backseat or maybe in the glovebox when he bought the car.

I've always liked the Citroen DS and remember seeing it on its first appearance at the Earls Court Motor Show in London when I was a little lad. There was an enormous crowd around the car on the Citroen stand and I can remember not being able to see the whole car but I do remember seeing the one spoke steering wheel so I must have got close enough to one to peer inside.
I did have a Corgi toy model of the DS. It was yellow with a red roof and it was maybe the first,or one of the first,Corgi models to have working suspension.
My enthusiasm for the DS would not actually extend to me wanting to own one-it's way too sedate for my taste. My preferred mellow yellow wheels are in the background in the top photo.

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