17 Jun 2018

A Portugese castle-Mertola

The first time I visited Portugal in 2016 and I came across a town with a castle I thought -wow, how wonderful. It did not take me long to realise that nearly every town and city in Portugal has a castle and many of them are absolute gems. In fact on a three week driving tour through Portugal you develop castle fatigue.
This one, above, is the town of Mertola in Alentojo. Up close the castle is very impressive but as it was a Monday when all museums and national monuments are closed in Portugal I could no go in. No worries. Plenty more castles to see.
The photo was taken with the Leica Q at f1.7 -to get the out of focus foreground. In the bright sun at this aperture it needed1/10000th second exposure. No camera shake here. In the original file - before blogger compresses it - the level of detail is amazing. You can actually identify the brand/type of the cars on the street in the town.

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