4 Feb 2015

Air cooled

Some photos taken in the last few days here in Terrigal and on a Porsche run upto Kulnura.All air cooled.Or should that be oil cooled.

How about that "Kennedy for President" sticker in the back window of the superbly restored LHD 356C.The sticker was purchased off the internet -but of course.I should have got some better photos of the car because it is beautiful-even down to the Hollywood Motors number plate surrounds and a NSW Australian rego number which is identical to its original period Californian licence plate number.The effort some people go to for originality never ceases to amaze me.I don't have the same motivation but each to his own.
My 1971-back silver car in photo 7-on the slope-ran beautifully as usual but after 6 years of ownership I am still cursing that 901 gearbox at some point on every drive.There's a piece of originality I could do without.

For those who don't understand my frustration the 901 gearbox was originally designed for racing and as racing drivers only use 1st gear when starting-first gear is located away from the mainly used gears on the LH side of the gate and above 1st gear is reverse.To change from 1st to second you go up and then sideways and up.The other 4 gears are laid out in a conventional H pattern so below 2nd gear is 3rd and then 4th is above 5th.

The big issue is changing up from 1st to 2nd without touching reverse (crunch) and downshifting from 4th or 3rd to 2nd without touching reverse (crunch).Also sometimes 1st is difficult to engage.I have a Rennshift quickshifter fitted which did improve the change but it is still a challenging gearbox and the 1st to 2nd shift has to be deliberate and just cannot be rushed.I'm not sure if the layout really helped Porsche's race drivers.To totally confuse me my other car has a 915 gearbox with a 5 speed conventional shift pattern.

I do appreciate classic motorbikes and particularly Italian twins. I am sure vintage Ducati riders have the same feelings about their bikes as classic Porsche owners -we know that modern machines do it better but that's not the point.At Jerry's in Kulnura on a Sunday morning you see the whole spectrum of motorcycles-Ural (as Russian and as primitive as Putin) to the latest Beemers.Ditto for the riders-vintage to young hot shots-well they think that they are hot shots.Old leathers to Kevlar reinforced suits.
Leica X1 photos.

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