3 Jun 2018

Stormy weather and a forgotten friend

Summer seemed to have gone on for ever this year. Whilst I was away in Portugal through May it was sunnier and warmer in Eastern Australia in what should be winter than it was in Portugal when it was supposed to be the start of summer.
Mid-last week the summer broke and in one jump we went from summer to winter. Nowadays that seems to be the pattern. There is no autumn/fall or spring just summer and winter with a fairly abrupt transition between the seasons.
Suddenly it was wet, cold -well,cold by our standards - and very windy. One of many good things about living on the coast is that when it is windy it quickly whips up the sea and the surfers come out and then there are spectcular scenes as big waves break on the headlands. Also we get fast moving clouds so dark storm clouds are interspersed with patches of blue sky and sunshine.
The photo above taken on one of the stormy days, last Friday, on one of my absolute favourite local spots the headland at North Avoca-within walking distance of home although it is a steep climb up and over the hill to get there.
Late in the afternoon in winter when the light is fading and there is a big sea it is almost magical. There are usually just a few people walking their dogs on the beach in the distance but otherwise it is solitary. The big beach houses are shut up - they are almost all weekenders for Sydney bankers-and apart from the wind and the crashing waves and the seagulls and the odd kookaburra it is quiet. Not a black Audi, BMW, Range Rover or Mercedes SUV in sight.
I took the photo with my Leica XVario. A camera which I have neglected to use for many months as I became besotted with the Leica Q which I bought 18 months ago. Firing up the XVario prompted me go out and walk to North Avoca and the result has made me resolve to start using the XVario again. When I got back home from the storm shoot my favourite subject, Phoebe, woke up to see what was going on and I took this shot of her. The colour rendition is superb. It is a beautiful camera. I will start using it again for sure.

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