28 Mar 2017


Went for a run with the local Classic Porsche Register on Sunday from Cowan on the Old Pacfic Highway,NSW to Laguna in the lower Hunter Valley. We could not have chosen a better day. There was some early morning fog for the first few kilometres but after that it was full sunshine, not too hot and beautiful driving roads with very little traffic.Heaven.
My newly serviced 2.2 T was running beautifully.A new set of plug leads seems to have fixed the random misfires which had been troubling the car for some time. Photo above shows me in the T on a bridge on the Old Pacific Highway in the early morning fog. Photo taken by Rob Scheeren of autofokus911.
I spent my time talking cars and spent very little time taking photos but I had to shoot Ernie Panaioli's Fun 356 which was looking immaculate-as always.

Leica X1 photo.

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  1. Great shots and wonderful little cars.

    I don't think there is nothing better that an early 911 on a good road on a crisp morning.