5 Aug 2016

Light and shade

I was looking through my photo library yesterday and came across these four digital photos which I had not even looked at previously. I thought that they are worth sharing. I just wish that I had the time and inclination to look through the thousands of film negatives in the boxes in my cupboards for I am sure that there are many more photos worth a first yet alone a second look.

Light and shade. It could be anywhere in Italy but in fact it is a side street in Passau,Germany but it's still ideal Fiat 500 territory. Sheer luck put the boy and the car in the right places for the photo.

Light and shade 2. A complete contrast to the photo above-a manager at his desk in a grim textile factory in Shanghai,China. This was taken with a Leica Digilux 1 in 2004. This was early days for Leica in digital photography but I think that it has a certain charm despite the limitations of the camera.

Light and shade 3. A bored man and his bored dog waiting on the street at The Entrance,NSW during the Chromefest hot rod festival last year. I suspect that neither the man or his dog had absolutely any interest in hot rods

Light and shade 4.Walking the dog early morning Waikiki Beachfront,Hawaii.

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