3 Aug 2016

A Moke in Berkeley Square

Well not quite Berkeley Square but very close. In the late 1960s and early 1970s I worked in British Leyland's head office which was in Berkeley Square with an annex over in Knightsbridge. High rent London. Not ideal locations for a company which was bleeding money but that's another story.
Looking back they were weird and heady days and a great crowd of young people worked there.
Amazingly after all this time I am still in contact with some of those people including one,John Maries,who prompted by the recent photo of the London-Sydney Moke on the blog sent me this photo of some of the wonderful British Leyland ladies perched on a Moke outside the Running Footman pub in Mayfair.
Two of the ladies in the photo including Wanda -nearest camera - married co-workers. As I said they were heady days.
John took this photo in mid 1971 fortunately on slide film so we still have it.
I love the photo not just because it brings back memories but because it is such a classic shot of the era. Maybe John missed his vocation as a fashion photographer-but really he was too late -the swinging 60's had finished and the dreadful 70s had arrived.


  1. Fantastic, and evocative of a bygone era John....

    Imagine what a modern Moke would be like - 3 times the size, 3 times the weight, electronic everything etc etc.