25 Oct 2015

Chromefest -2015.Hot rods and rock and roll.

It was the annual Chromefest at The Entrance,NSW this weekend. The event gets bigger every year. The weather was great -hot but not too hot. Brilliant sunshine is not the photographer's friend but I should not complain.This year 1950s/60s fashions were everywhere - dressing the part seems to be really gaining momentum.
As The Entrance is only 25 mins drive from home I went on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.
Photographing just the hot rods can be boring and so same/same and the people interest me much more. It's easy to take a lot of junk photos at these events.  As always I used my technique of asking with a smile whether I could take a photograph and I did not get a single refusal. Such nice people. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. A fun way to spend a weekend.
My take on hot rods and rock and roll downunder.Photos LeicaX1 and XVario.More photos to follow.

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  1. Some nice photos John.
    Nothing like a bit of American Iron.....

    Geoff Lane.